You will need
  • - beautiful outfits
  • spirits.
Men first of all pay attention to appearance. So, if you want to appeal to and attract his attention, take care of the easy makeup and beautifully laid hair. Clothing is also important: too sexy image rather push me away, but accentuated the femininity will appeal to any representative of the stronger sex. If you have a plan to seduce the chosen one, will play an important role and flavor. Perfume should be light and attractive, but not Intrusive. Men like sweet scents like vanilla flavor. But it needs to be strong, and subtle.
No matter how you want to impress, for a date, always choose the image that will feel as comfortable as possible. If in ordinary life you prefer jeans and comfortable shoes, coming out in short skirt and high heels, not only will you feel constrained and uncomfortable, but you risk to appear not the girl that initially liked your guy. This is not to say that in a restaurant you should come in sneakers, just avoid strong contrasts.
A perfect appearance is not an absolute guarantee of success. Significant role here play your behavior and manner of communication. Men like sociable, interesting girl, able to hold a conversation. But it is not necessary to demonstrate your mind, otherwise izbrannik will think that you want to show that you are smarter than him, and it often repels.
Nonverbal communication also plays an important role. Using gestures you can tell a lot. For example, playing with his earring during a conversation or touching your neck, you show a young person that you care for him. Doubt not that your boy will catch these signals. And if you casually touch the hands of a man or his garments, then hint to him that is ready to move on to more intimate relationships. Please remember that all of your gestures should be natural, and acting comprehensively, you will surely succeed.