Taurus hates to be on the sidelines. Keep this in mind when you begin to build long-term plans for its conquest. Got hold of a Calf, be ready themselves to play the role of second fiddle. According to Taurus, either man looks and behaves like a male, or it's a rag. Give the Calf to understand that you need help. He should feel that next to him – a fragile woman who needs if not protection, then constant care. Taurus is willing to rent to relatives or buddies the shirt, and a beautiful woman for it will be even more interesting if he will "invest" in her part. Just do not overdo it: no need to look absolutely helpless doll. Gently hint that in this or that sphere of life you could use a little help. It could be report writing, preparing for a difficult exam (you as the Humanities, bad given to higher mathematics, and Vice versa). Gifted versatile, Taurus is happy to once again demonstrate his erudition. Then the man Taurus and he will not be able to understand, a pleasure to him to be with you because he appeared in a favorable light, or is it your personal vibes.
Managing planet of Taurus is Venus. This is the planet that is responsible for sensitive perception of beauty and beautiful things. So the man-Taurus with high interest responds to a typically feminine qualities. The softness, the refinement, the underlined forms – all this stirred his imagination. Do not experiment with makeup, hairstyles and manicures. Taurus is quite proven techniques of seduction. He loves long well-groomed hair, preferably loose. Makeup should focus on the most attractive of your features: eyelashes, lips, a gentle blush on the cheeks. No colour will not be a plus in the eyes of Taurus. Avoid monotony, solid pastel colors. At the other extreme bump is not worth it - do not overdo it with bright lipstick, too plunging necklines, too short skirts. This can be regarded a male Calf as pretentiousness, vulgarity. Cheap effects – not for him. Note also that imitations of famous designer brands Taurus will choose inexpensive but high-quality and stylish thing "with no name." The same applies to gifts, if you want to give him a sign of attention.
Man Taurus appreciates not only the physical body but also the spiritual closeness between partners. In communion with him are not limited solely flirting and Flirty tone. Keep up with Taurus intimate conversation – suited his Outlook on life, family relationships, leisure, movies, music. Taurus it is important that his companion is not just a brilliant look, but it was an interesting conversationalist. Better yet, if you would be his main listener – empathic, sensitive, in short, irreplaceable. Conservative by nature, Taurus needs to be like-minded. It is important that the closest person tried to support him, agree with him in views. Even if you many people do not agree, do not enter a man-Calf in an open confrontation. This is one of the most stubborn signs of the Zodiac. He remains unconvinced even when the whole world will tell them that Taurus is wrong. But if in the memory of Taurus will settle you supported him in a moment when everyone turned away from him – it will make it ever true. to you.