You will need
  • tools, wire, diffuser marked 4,5, petrol
To improve the dynamics 2107, you can remove the springs from the vacuum throttle actuator. A significant disadvantage of this changes in the carb will increase the amount of fuel consumed, about half a liter per hundred kilometers.
Another method of increasing the maneuverability of the machine due to improve the functioning of the carburetor – modification of the vacuum throttle actuator in mechanical. To do this, use a wire with a ring on the end. Ring of wire to push the nut, the fixing levers of the throttle actuator. After that nut with the power of delay. On fuel consumption, this method will not be affected.
To get rid of uneven dispersal is possible by replacing the carburetor diffuser with marking of 3.5 on a similar, but marked a 4.5. Simultaneously with the replacement of the diffuser need to change the pump with the markings 30 on the pump marked 40.
If the car accelerates poorly, at speeds above 90 km/h starts to jump and the engine runs smoothly only at idle or, on the contrary, when idling "bogged down", and in the cold season will not start the engine, the first thing to check is the nozzle through which the fuel flows to the carburetor. The jets and emulsion tube must be cleaned regularly from dirt and dust, wash with gasoline and blow.
The main disadvantages of carburettors 2107 associated with the leakage and fast wear and tear. Because of them, there are a variety of breakdowns and malfunctions. To avoid this, the carburetor should be checked regularly. In addition to the nozzles, clean, rinse and blow need the accelerator pump and the fuel filter.
To check out the details of the carb should not metal objects. Wipe the parts need only such matters which do not leave lint. Otherwise, you can clog the valves and tubes.