You will need
  • - gold paint or foil;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - putty;
  • brush;
  • Vata;
  • transparent Polish.
Before painting the product in gold color, it is very important to determine the paint. Golden color has many shades from bright gold to dark bronze. Therefore, if possible, check the tint of the paint before purchasing it.
Prepare the surface of the product to work. If you have old paint or varnish, remove them with sand paper or special polishing machine.
In the case when the painted item is made of wood – fill any cracks and irregularities with putty, and then carefully scuff and brush off all the dust.
Apply to the surface the gold paint of an appropriate size brush. Carefully DAB the paint to avoid drips. All you should to do very carefully, as the paint this color is rather capricious and an imprint will be clearly visible on it.
Wait for the paint to dry and then brush on varnish. After the varnish is well dry, the painting process is completed.
On the wood products you can apply gold color and the other way – using gold foil. It is sold usually in the form of books with large Golden leaves in large paint shops or stores for artists. As in the first embodiment, to apply it is only on a smooth, prepared surface, without flaws.
Cover wood surface with lacquer Mardan and place on top of foil sheet. Smooth the foil when applying the varnish it should be very carefully using a large squirrel brush.
Press the foil with a cotton swab and Polish it well.
The surface thus treated, may eventually lose its original deep color and dark. This happens because of oxidation. Therefore, once the foil is dry, cover the top with clear varnish.