You will need
  • - emery emery cloth;
  • - the ground;
  • - acrylic paint;
  • - candle;
  • - varnish for cracking;
  • - metal brush.
For aging good things from wood, ceramics, brass, glass and wrought iron. Give a touch of antiquity of wooden furniture. Take the object, clean it from dust and sanded paint and varnish. Sandpaper is better to take large, it can help you work faster. Swipe all the debris from the surface and clean workplace, to particles of old paint will not stick to the new layers.
Cover the thing with soil suitable mixture of PVA glue with white acrylic enamel. Allow the surface to dry. Then cover the piece of furniture brown acrylic paint. Apply two coats of this tool. Leave overnight so that the paint has well dried out.
Paraffin or wax RUB all edges and corners of the product. Select the color of your future "antique" furniture. Looks good pale pink or ivory. Create your own color by mixing white paint with the color. A few drops added to the Bank, would be sufficient.
Brown Foundation should completely disappear under layers of new paint, these layers can be from two to four. Don't forget to dry well each layer.
Take the sandpaper with the grain to 800. Sanded the places that you rubbed the candle. Basic paint will wear away and expose brown. Satilite carefully to avoid "burrs". For greater reliability of work is uneven, somewhere power trowel is stronger in other areas do only a hint of fading.
A soft brush clean the surface from dust. If you want to further decorate furniture, cut-out napkins floral patterns and stick on the selected place. Then cover the entire product matte varnish. This technique is called shabby chic.
Try to age the furniture with the help of brushing. Treat the surface with a wire brush, it will remove the soft wood fibers and clearly distinguish its texture. Apply a layer of paint, the color it should be dark. Without waiting, when the medium dries, RUB it deep into the pores and cracks of wood. All the wood structure will be clearly visible. Varnish for finishing treatment can take a variety of effects – metallic, mother-of-pearl.
Effectively things look aged crackle technique. Apply on furniture, new paint, and in a few minutes – tool to create cracks (craquelure). This can be a two-component varnish or paint. When you work with them be clear on the instructions, as the common recommendations for different funds.