Advice 1: How to gild metal at home

Since ancient times, various decorations are in great demand not only in women but also in men. In the first place have always been made of gold. Many people are thinking about how to gild a favorite silver or copper ring, because it looks impossible. But it is not so.
How to gild metal at home

Prepare solutions of gilding themselves

To gild any object, the desired solution - or rather the dissolved gold. To get it, it is necessary to dissolve the gold in the so-called "Aqua Regia" – a mixture of hydrochloric and nitric acids. You need to take them in the proportion 3:1. After the gold is dissolved, it is necessary to evaporate the liquid. This should be done very carefully, because you can get burns of hands, face or airway. What is left is chloride of gold. It needs to be dissolved with a solution of potassium cyanide, and then mix with otmechennym chalk. The latter is necessary so as to obtain a liquid slurry consistency. Taking the brush, it is necessary to cover the resulting gruel the item you wish to gild, and after a while his need to wash and Polish.

To gild steel and iron, often use chlorine solution of gold, which is stirred with ether. He evaporates, and the gilded surface should be rubbed with a cloth. You can do Golden pattern. For that, he took a goose feather, dip it in gold and draw a desired figure or line.

Zolotim silver and not only

Zinc and silver jewelry also can be made plated. To use zinc paste, which is prepared from 20 g of gold chloride with the addition of 60 g of potassium cyanide and 100 g of pure water. This mixture should be stirred and filtered. You need to filtrate add a mixture of cream of Tartar and chalk. Taken respectively 5 g and 100 g. This mixture should be added until, until you get a not very thick slurry. Apply with a brush.

For the gilding of silver you need to use a special solution. There are 2 variant of its preparation, but the most popular one. For its preparation necessary chloride of gold, cyanide, salt and water (10 g, 30 g, 20 g, 20 g and 1.5 liters, respectively). Be gilding items first ignited, and then etched in a solution of sulfuric acid, and then momentarily dipped in nitric acid. Next, you need to do the following – you need to associate the items with brass wire and a short dip in the mixture, which is prepared from sulfuric, nitric and hydrochloric acid. Then opolaskivaniem them with water, dipping into the mercury and then into the water. After 30 seconds, drop into the liquid gilding. Drying use hot sawdust.

Advice 2 : How to gild metal

Beautiful gilding can give a luxurious look to the metal product.
Gold called the art of applying a thin layer of metal on a solid surface. Basically, this term refers to the gold, but it is also applicable for other metals such as silver, copper, bronze. A small metal surface it is possible to gild with gold leaf.
How to gild metal
You will need
  • Decorated surface;
  • owner of gold leaf;
  • kolinsky brush;
  • suede cushion;
  • knife;
  • cotton gloves;
  • shellac;
  • water;
  • ethyl alcohol;
  • a cotton cloth.
Gold leaf comes in the form of a thin sheets collected in a book. Each sheet is lined with tissue paper. Gold leaf may vary, depending on the presence of additional impurities. To purchase this material better in specialized stores which guarantee the quality of the product. The sheet must be free of creases, holes and other defects.
The metal surface requires preparation. If the place is subjected to plating, uneven, it should be sanded. After sanding clean the surface from dust and degrease with acetone.
Surface gold leaf may be accidentally scratched. To avoid this, treat the metal with a special compound before plating. As a protective layer can be applied shellac which is a resin of organic origin.
To the Golden leaf lies flat and is well bonded, the surface should be moistened. Prepare a mixture of two thirds water and one third ethyl alcohol. Using a soft brush to lightly moisten the surface of the metal. Do not moisturize too much, otherwise finished surface may lose its Shine. After that you should immediately begin applying the gold leaf.
Sheets it is not advisable to touch with bare hands. For these purposes, stock up on cotton gloves. Lightly blow on the book. Extreme sheet will pop up and you will be able to remove it with a special knife. The knife should be pre-treated with alcohol. Lay the leaf on leather or suede pillow. Then cut it with a knife into squares that correspond to the size of the decorated sites.
Carefully transfer the sheet metal. Using kolinsky brushes press gold leaf to the surface and smooth it. In this way, treat all the desired areas of the product. When you have finished processing, let the decorated surface to dry completely. Then wipe the metal cotton fabric.
It is not advisable to carry out gilding in a dusty environment.
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