Advice 1: How to paint a frame

A great gift that will please to everyone: this picture, placed in a beautiful frame. In the picture can be depicted as the brightest and most positive and romantic moments of life. And having painted the frame in any color you can add the gift of originality.
How to paint a frame
Photo. Choose what prompts your soul and heart. The success of gift depends largely on the image that will be in the frame.
Select frame. Before something to do, buy any frame. Pay maximum attention to its size, the material from which made, relief, etc. it Should be noted that a special grace attached to the tree, and the plastic looks cheaper and just.
Choose pattern. If it is just painting in some color, this item must take if you plan to make a drawing, first draw it on a piece of paper. Cut the paper to size bought frame and make sketches.
Choose a color. Build from the pictures. The color of the frame needs to emphasize it. Simultaneously, do not use too bright colors, because the frame should fit into the interior of the room.
Buy the paint and primer. Frame can be covered with different types of coatings from paints with color shades and finishing natural wood. Each looks differently, but what to choose - to solve only to you. Can also buy and use silver and gold plating. This additionally will add an unusual gift. If you want to use acrylic paint, note: if you want to Shine – buy glossy if on the contrary, do not want – will buy matte.
Primer. This item is actual only for wooden frame. With a brush or roller gratuite frame and give her a couple hours to dry out. After the primer paint is good to go and not soak into the wood.
Color. Attach a drawn picture (if it is) and move it with a pencil on the frame. Then paint in the selected color. Allow time to dry.
Can't choose frame. Can make its own hands. This will make it be what you want.

Advice 2: How to dye eyebrows at home

Eyebrows are a very important part of the face. With proper design it'll give your makeup a finished look. To avoid wasting time on daily touch-up pencil, eyebrow color special paint. You can do it yourself.
How to dye eyebrows at home
The eyebrows are framing the face, they are like a picture frame. Properly selected shape of the eyebrows, a smooth curve and the absence of erect hairs and add them to the winner of the charm. To eyebrow wasn't lost on the face, you need to be able to emphasize them nicely.

Than you can paint eyebrows

The easiest option is to tint brows with a special pencil. Well-sharpened tip of a pencil, draw a few strokes in places where the hairs are absent. Then emphasize the shape of the eyebrows on top and bottom, and at the beginning and the end. Do not overdo it, everything should look natural. Blend the pencil and comb eyebrows with a special brush.

Instead of pencil, you can use eye shadow right shade. The principle of operation remains the same: a fine brush to emphasize the shape of the eyebrows and then blend it out.

If you don't want to spend time on a daily eyebrow makeup, use paint. Keep in mind that hair dye will not work, it is too aggressive for eyebrows and can lead to baldness. In any store you can buy dye specifically for eyebrows.

Choosing paint color, prefer brown shades instead of black. So eyebrows will look more natural. Blondes not recommended to dye at all, because the eyebrow can be too dark and will look ugly on the face.

How to dye your eyebrows

Don't pluck your eyebrows just before painting. Check the paint on the subject of Allergy to elbow. If after 20 minutes nothing happened, you can begin to paint. Put on gloves and on the skin around your eyebrows, apply a rich cream.

Dilute the paint according to the instructions, mixing it with an oxidizer, plastic or glass containers. Mix thoroughly and apply with a brush or cotton swab a thick layer on the eyebrows, within their circuit.

Wait as long as it says in the instructions. Usually it is 7-10 minutes. Carefully remove the paint with a cotton pad, and rinse off the remains with running water.

Despite the fact that the paint is designed specifically for eyebrows, it has an aggressive effect. A couple of days after painting to attach the eyebrows cotton pads soaked in warm vegetable oil (olive, almond, peach). Hold 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

It is not recommended to paint the eyebrows more than 2 times a week.
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