Photo. Choose what prompts your soul and heart. The success of gift depends largely on the image that will be in the frame.
Select frame. Before something to do, buy any frame. Pay maximum attention to its size, the material from which made, relief, etc. it Should be noted that a special grace attached to the tree, and the plastic looks cheaper and just.
Choose pattern. If it is just painting in some color, this item must take if you plan to make a drawing, first draw it on a piece of paper. Cut the paper to size bought frame and make sketches.
Choose a color. Build from the pictures. The color of the frame needs to emphasize it. Simultaneously, do not use too bright colors, because the frame should fit into the interior of the room.
Buy the paint and primer. Frame can be covered with different types of coatings from paints with color shades and finishing natural wood. Each looks differently, but what to choose - to solve only to you. Can also buy and use silver and gold plating. This additionally will add an unusual gift. If you want to use acrylic paint, note: if you want to Shine – buy glossy if on the contrary, do not want – will buy matte.
Primer. This item is actual only for wooden frame. With a brush or roller gratuite frame and give her a couple hours to dry out. After the primer paint is good to go and not soak into the wood.
Color. Attach a drawn picture (if it is) and move it with a pencil on the frame. Then paint in the selected color. Allow time to dry.