You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - sander and sandpaper;
  • - putty;
  • - paint;
  • - gun for airbrushing or spray paint;
  • - masking tape;
  • - alkyd clear varnish.
Disassemble the guitar. You need to remove only those parts that are bolted, not glued. Classical guitar strings clear only. The electric guitar apart from the strings, Unscrew the iron fittings and fingerboard if it's bolted to the deck. Get all the details away so as not to lose them during the painting.
Cover the fretboard with masking tape. This is necessary in order not to damage the nut Lada paint. The neck can be painted with only the outer part.
Clean the tool of the old paint and varnish. It is better to use a special grinding machine, but you can with sandpaper, although time will have to spend a lot more. On completion of work, remove all dust with a damp cloth, and then allow the product to dry.
If the guitar has dings, primed them with an adhesion primer, causing a small roller. Cracks and staples zashpaklyuyte alkyd or polyester putty. Then let it dry and sand the surface of the tool. Repeat the process of putty and sanding again. After work, reassemble all the dust with a damp cloth and thoroughly dry the tool.
Start painting. Paint the guitar surface by brush or roller, as in any case they will leave footprints on it. It is best to use a special gun for airbrush, but the spray paint. Cover the floor and nearby furniture with Newspapers or plastic. Apply the paint evenly without streaks and let it dry thoroughly. The distance between the spray and the surface of the guitar when painting must be at least 10 cm.
Cover the product alkyd clear varnish in several layers. Each layer needs to dry completely before applying the next. After drying, the paintwork carefully assemble the guitar and try out the updated tool in action.