You will need
  • A copy of the contract with the ISP.
Find the documents you signed when you connect this service in the contract with the ISP must be specified and the account number. If you are using a dial-up connection and pay the provider without the conclusion of the contract (purchasing card payment), the account you have.
If your copy of the agreement specified in her account number is lost, it should be restored or ask the provider to issue a duplicate. Meanwhile, duplicate no, you can learn the account number in the customer service - find her phone on the page with contact information for the company website. In order to give you the account number will be required to provide information on the phone number specified in the contract, and surname/name/patronymic of the person signing this agreement.
If you are interested in not the account number and current account balance on it, then it is possible to learn by phone from the operator's customer support. Some Internet service providers allow you to do it without operator enough to send a text message to the number listed on the website of the provider and the amount of the remaining balance your account will be sent in the response message.
More info about the account, starting with the rooms and ending with the history of operations is available in the "personal account" on the website of your Internet service provider. If you did not use them, find the additional annexes to the agreement, the username and password and with their help, log on to the site provider. Every company designs a personal account on your taste, so you can select where in your office to look for the account number, balance and transaction history is not possible. However, as a rule, difficulties with the search for these data in the user interface does not occur and if that happens, you can seek the advice of support.