You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • phone.
Call CDMA phone connected to the operator "Intertelekom" to number 11. Listen to the prompts of an interactive menu and find out the information about the account status to "Intertelecom".
Enter from your CDMA phone room Call center: 750, or from any landline phone 0800505075, 0945050750 for account verification. Check with the operator of work-life balance "Intertelecom".
Use the self-service system "Intertelecom" on the site With its help, you can top up and check account status, manage services and change tariff plan, get information about your number and call detail records.
Go to self-service on the left side of the page, click the link "Registration". Near each field there are tips on filling it out to get them, click on the question mark. Fill in the fields "Phone number" (your number) and "Password" (the password length is from 6 to 14 characters). Log in with your username and password to check the status of the account.
Go to "my account", then select "account Status" and review the information about the state of balance. If you have experienced authorization errors, check the error number. If it is 0610, means specified telephone number registered in the system.
Log in to check your account. If there is an error 0615, so the owner abandoned the use of the system, so please contact the customer support center to resume work. 0630 error says wrong password, try again.
If you are confident in the correctness of his entry, contact a Call center with this problem. If an error has occurred 0631, with the comment "attempts remaining", this means that after a certain number of password attempts, the logon is blocked.