You will need
  • - antibacterial wet wipes,
  • paper handkerchiefs,
  • - dry shampoo
  • - travel hygiene kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap).
A long train trip begins with preparation. It is very important to take the necessary things, because the way to get them is already difficult. Definitely make sure you have was antibacterial wet wipes and dry paper wipes. Put closer a few changes of linen, light and comfortable clothes for the train and deodorant. The train usually cannot be washed, but you can at least wipe the body with wet wipes and often to change clothes. In order to get the hair not greasy, use dry shampoo – its use does not require water.
The toilet in the train – this is the main problem. Even if the conductor conducts regular it service, it is still not too clean. Nonetheless need to brush your teeth every day. Before eating, remember to wash your hands with antibacterial soap. Soap better use of your.
Usually people try to drink less, so less likely to go to the toilet in trains. Sometimes it happens by itself. But it is better to buy a slightly more expensive ticket in a company car with a toilet cleaner than to waste the resources of their kidneys without water. A half liter of water you need to drink every day, wherever you are.
If you want to spend a few days on the train, then you have something there. The choice of food on the road is very important, they should not spoil at least a few days at room temperature, because refrigerator use will not be. On the first day of travel, you can take almost any food, she just doesn't have time abyss. But the rest should stock up on products such as durable fruits and vegetables, cheese, bread or crackers, granola and nutrition bars. Various soups and mashed potatoes – a popular food in the train. A good variety can be canned. You can use the services of the dining car, but it should be borne in mind that the prices are sometimes quite high.
Go out on all stops to get some fresh air and stretch your legs. At least once a day, the train makes a long stop, about an hour. This is a great chance to buy fresh food that cannot be stored in the train (like some fruits or dairy products) and to replenish the water. Are so long stops so people have time to take a shower in the station building.
Don't forget to bring entertainment on the road. The player with a supply of batteries, a tablet, an interesting book, magazines, crossword puzzles or needlework: the lesson will allow you to avoid boredom – the main problems travelling in the train people.
If you move even a short trip by train, you can try to divide the road into two parts, buying two tickets. In the middle of the way, stop in any city in hotel for the night to rest from the train.