You will need
  • - laptop computer;
  • charger;
  • socket;
  • - notebook PC user manual.
Make sure that your notebook contains a lithium ion battery. This feature look in the manual or on the box of the computer. The manufacturer designates the type of combination of letters battery Li-Ion.
A new laptop usually has an uncharged battery or partially charged. Li-Ion system has no "memory effect" inherent in the devices of the earlier production. Also this action is not subject to the batteries next generation lithium polymer (Li-Poly). But in order not to bring down the system, you need first time charge the laptop.
Not including the computer, connect it to the charger and let it charge the first time overnight. So you are guaranteed to receive the maximum charged battery. If you do not resist and turned on the laptop after 10-20 minutes the first charging battery icon can show 100% commitment. Turn off the computer, remove the battery, wait a few seconds. Insert the battery into place. Connect the laptop to the charger. When charging the battery may become hot.
To battery new laptop has reached its maximum capacity, it is necessary "to train". After a night of charging, disconnect the power supply from the network and work offline until the battery is fully discharged. At night, again connect the computer to the network. Perform data manipulation several times (3-5) to develop the battery.
Keep in mind that the new battery charges and discharges faster. Real time computer work in offline mode in the beginning may not conform to the characteristics specified by the manufacturer. Do not hurry to run to the store after a few full charges the battery can easily withstand the specified time.