Advice 1: As a first time charge your laptop

Batteries - an indispensable thing in electronics. Standard of quality and ubiquity of usage in laptops today is the lithium-ion battery (Li-Ion). They have big volume and light weight. The disadvantages of this battery type are high cost and a relatively small temperature range for operation. To the battery lasts longer, you need right the first time charge the laptop.
As a first time charge your laptop
You will need
  • - laptop computer;
  • charger;
  • socket;
  • - notebook PC user manual.
Make sure that your notebook contains a lithium ion battery. This feature look in the manual or on the box of the computer. The manufacturer designates the type of combination of letters battery Li-Ion.
A new laptop usually has an uncharged battery or partially charged. Li-Ion system has no "memory effect" inherent in the devices of the earlier production. Also this action is not subject to the batteries next generation lithium polymer (Li-Poly). But in order not to bring down the system, you need first time charge the laptop.
Not including the computer, connect it to the charger and let it charge the first time overnight. So you are guaranteed to receive the maximum charged battery. If you do not resist and turned on the laptop after 10-20 minutes the first charging battery icon can show 100% commitment. Turn off the computer, remove the battery, wait a few seconds. Insert the battery into place. Connect the laptop to the charger. When charging the battery may become hot.
To battery new laptop has reached its maximum capacity, it is necessary "to train". After a night of charging, disconnect the power supply from the network and work offline until the battery is fully discharged. At night, again connect the computer to the network. Perform data manipulation several times (3-5) to develop the battery.
Keep in mind that the new battery charges and discharges faster. Real time computer work in offline mode in the beginning may not conform to the characteristics specified by the manufacturer. Do not hurry to run to the store after a few full charges the battery can easily withstand the specified time.
To extend the life of the battery, not discharge it to 0, and to achieve 20% of the total charge.
Useful advice
To extend battery life, use the function "energy saving".

Advice 2: How to charge the li-ion battery

Often people complain that newly purchased li-ion battery is quickly discharged. For example, a new phone in a couple of months holding the charge for much less time than immediately after purchase. It turns out that the fault is not the battery and not its producers, and the owner who is incorrectly using the battery.
How to charge the li-ion battery
You will need
  • Battery, memory.
Widely known method of "acceleration" of the battery. But it is suitable only for Nickel based power sources. When using lithium-ion batteries, this method will have slightly altered. After purchase, check if there's still charge in the battery. If there is, proceed to discharge. Faster all this is done in conversation mode, listening music, photographing, video shooting, GPRS, high brightness settings for the display. The phone must be discharged so that the battery icon started flashing, warning of the depletion of energy.
Now you can put the device on charging. Wait until the indicator show full charge. Can continue charging for a while. Try not to use the device while charging its battery. For example, if you charge the phone, try not to call him and make and nobody call, i.e. charge the phone in off state.
Working time li-ion battery may vary depending on the intensity of use of the apparatus and environmental conditions. In the cold, for example, the battery will spend a lot more resources than warm. Use the built-in flash on the camera will lead to increased power consumption. GPRS enabled, MP3 player, radio, etc. in a cell phone also reduce the battery life.
Useful advice
Always have a spare charged battery. It will save you in case of an unexpected discharge of the main power supply.

Advice 3: How to charge lithium batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are the most common configuration in modern cell phones. Typically, such a battery allows to increase the working time with the phone without recharging.
How to charge lithium batteries
If you have just bought a mobile device that has a rechargeable lithium battery, and want to make it a lifetime maximum duration, first read the data sheet of the device and recommendations for operation and charging. As a rule, for each model of phone or portable music player has its own fixed time for which the battery achieves full charge. If for some reason you can't use the manufacturer's recommendations, adhere to the following General rules for operation of lithium batteries.
To ensure long-term operation, the battery must "pump", that is to increase his work through a succession of maximum charging and discharging. Insert the battery pack into the device. If the battery still has a charge, it is recommended to "put" it, having achieved a complete shutdown of the device. Enable more applications to make the phone faster spent battery power. Pretty soon the battery will sit down and the phone switches off. After that phone off or put the player to your network using only factory zaryadnoe device that guarantees the safety of operation of the device.
As a rule, lithium batteries are charged to the limit in a few hours. However, the first charge must be at least 12 hours, it is desirable not to interrupt her and not to pull out the charger from the power outlet.
After 12 hours of charging start to use their electronic device. Do not charge it until the phone turns off due to low battery. In the beginning use a lithium battery you must spend at least three full charges and discharges to "disperse" the battery. Then you can use the device in regular mode and charge it as needed. "Pumped" lithium batteries do not require a complete charging or discharging.

Advice 4: Why laptop not charging

Violation of the process of charging the laptop battery is one of the most common problems. This problem occurs most often after three years of operation of the device. The reasons in this case may be several – from the failure of the laptop to damaged terminals in the power supply.

How to determine the cause

Experts note that most of the problems with laptops occur with improper use. For example, some owners of such devices are almost never turn them off using the simple method of closing the cover. In this position, the system goes into sleep mode, but the laptop continues to work. Such actions may be the main cause affecting the operation of the battery indicator.

You first need to determine the source of the problem. If the laptop does not turn on, the screen is not functioning and there is no visible processes, it is likely the culprit in this case is the faulty battery. In that case, if the laptop turns on, works with the included charging but shuts off without her, the cause of the malfunction is the power supply.
If, upon inspection of the laptop you notice any damage – cracks in the cord, foreign objects in the sockets for the connectors, or problems with the device, the computer it is better to give to the center for diagnosis.

Carefully inspect the laptop. All connectors should be correctly and firmly inserted into the relevant slots. The cause of the fault can be not only in the notebook, but in the power outlet. That is why try to move the laptop to another room and turn it from a new power source.

Laptop battery may not charge due to a malfunction of the charger. The easiest way to identify this problem is replace the power supply. If from another device the laptop is running in normal mode, then simply purchase another charger.

A more serious problem is failure of the laptop. Not possessing special knowledge and skills, you will not be able to carry out repairs. Device better to take to check the service center or take advantage of any salon that provide such services.

What to do

To identify the malfunction of the laptop battery try to do a few tricks. First, discharge the device completely. This method is relevant only in case if the battery stopped charging to 100% and laptop and it works. After such a manipulation switch on the power supply and wait until charging process. If the battery indicator reached the desired level, then worry you about.
Some manufacturers put certain limitations on the performance indicators of the battery charge. The norm in this case can be considered not only 100%.

Please note that the majority of faults can be detected only on the basis of special diagnostics. If the power supply operates normally, then the cause of the breach charging of the battery may be internal damage to the connector, damage to the PCB or its combustion paths.

Advice 5: How to charge the battery of the laptop

Tablets and laptops – amazing mobile device, but their lifespan depends not only on the motherboard and the reliability of memory, but the battery that powers the device. To the laptop battery has not failed you at the most inopportune moment, right charge.
How to charge the battery of the laptop
Basically, all modern laptops are equipped with lithium ion battery, all laptop computers equipped with a control system of charge/discharge of the battery, which allows to determine the critical power level.

Low battery prolongs its life

If you plan to leave the laptop out of work for a long time, it is recommended to reduce charge its battery up to 45 – 70%, as in this battery is stored better and longer. Better yet, remove the battery at all, but this is not possible in the desktop or netbooks.

When using a laptop do not allow permanent full discharge of the battery. The battery is recommended to discharge up to 15 - 20%, and then to connect to the power supply until the full load capacity. Cycle the battery is fully discharged you need to perform not more often than once a month, because the modern lithium ion batteries do not have to discharge completely.
These batteries can be recharged without harm being discharged to 45-75%.

Do not store discharged batteries for a long time. Such storage can lead to loss of battery capacity. To save battery in working condition, must be charged for 12-20 hours after a full discharge if battery replacement or, for example, from last PC, but not used now, place it in a special container, which will help to maintain the correct working of the charge. These devices are very expensive and to find them in the store is not easy, however, you can order online, for example, the Chinese equivalent of the website e-bay.

The temperature of the battery harmful

It must be remembered that the heating of the battery when charging is highly undesirable, and accordingly, the network connection should be in places where there are no heating appliances and direct sunlight. It is also impossible when charging the laptop is put on the surface of the sofa or on the carpet. This is due to the fact that the charging battery heats up slightly, it requires natural cooling: for that laptop has legs, through which is formed the distance for ventilation between the base and the surface on which it is installed, running and the fan. Hair and fiber cases will not allow the system to operate correctly. You can purchase a special stand with an extra fan, these devices will not only save battery, but will make working on your PC more comfortable.

Avoid overheating batteries that are in operation, remember that for Li-Ion working temperature are from 5 to 45 degrees.

Excessive heating of the battery, as well as her imminent discharge is an indication that the battery goes down. In recent times, there are so many different programs with which you can control the process of charge/discharge of the battery in the laptop. These programs, including free, there are on the Internet. Download one that will let you to connect your computer to a network audio signal, it is very convenient, because you can follow a small icon in the corner of the monitor is difficult.

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