You will need
  • Access to the Internet.
If your mobile computer does not turn on, check the voltage at the connector of the power supply. Try connecting to the laptop battery if it has been disabled. Try to turn on the computer. Make sure that the enable button is OK.
It is much more common to see the following picture: mobile computer turns on, but the download is not performed properly. Usually this fault is accompanied by different text labels or blue screens. Carefully read the error text and find its description on the manufacturer's website for this model laptop.
Try to replace the Board memory. If this doesn't help and the laptop still does not boot, the problem is likely with the video card, processor or motherboard. Find out what type of video card.
If the laptop has full discrete graphics card, replace it with a similar model. If you are dealing with an integrated chip, contact the service center for Troubleshooting.
If the laptop is missing the image, then the problem is with the video card or display. Sometimes the cause of this fault could be the ribbon cable going to the matrix. Try to close the lid of the mobile computer and re-open it. Turn on the laptop several times, constantly changing the display position.
Press the matrix. If you see stains near the place of depression, then the problem is in the ribbon cable or video card. Reset your BIOS menu. Try again to enable mobile computer.
If you do not work single device laptop try updating the drivers. Boot the required files from the official website of the company that developed the laptop. Remember that in most cases, the cause of the problem are the drivers, or failures in the operating system.