When the blue screen write down on a sheet of paper with the information specified after the words "The problem seems to be caused by the following file". In it, the system will show a list of files not working correctly which causes the error. In addition, write down the error code specified after "STOP:". To find out what the code means, and to correct the error by typing it into any search engine in the Internet.

If you cannot resolve the problem this way, it is necessary to conduct a full scan of the laptop may have to do it in safe mode. Remember what changes you made on the laptop lately. Most often, the appearance of a blue screen result of a misconfiguration of the hardware of the laptop and change the settings for some programs (e.g. updating drivers). Try to return these settings to the previous mode.

Another common cause of blue screen is bad physical connection of the elements of the laptop. Open the laptop and check up reliability of connection of all cables and circuit boards. To do this with a laptop is somewhat more complicated than with a desktop computer.

Check also the temperature at which your laptop operates. Overheating of the video card and CPU can also cause the error. To diagnose this option you can access the BIOS of the laptop, or use specialized software.

Poor performance of individual elements of the laptop can also lead to blue screen. For their diagnosis, there are special programs. For example, to check memory cards you can use the free program memtest86, and a hard disk diagnostic program chkdsk.

If you make software changes do not work, you may need to reinstall the operating system.


In some cases, the appearance of the blue screen ends with a reboot of the laptop. It happens pretty quickly, and analyze the content of the screen is not possible. To avoid restarting the computer, you must make appropriate changes to its settings. To do this, open system Properties by pressing Windows logo key + Pause. Go to the "Advanced" tab, under "startup and recovery" click "Settings". In the opened window uncheck "automatically restart".