You will need
  • Computer, motherboard, screwdriver
If the computer does not start, the first thing you need to eliminate the possibility of breakage of other components. This will help to determine the serviceability of the motherboard.
You start the computer. First, it works to load. But as soon as it comes to operating system starts, the screen goes black and then nothing happens. So, out of order hard drive or video card. With the motherboard then all is fine.
Open the cover of the system unit. Pull out the motherboard, all memory modules. Turn on the computer. To hear the squeak of the speaker. If no, there's no sound and the motherboard does not react to the lack of memory modules, so it is out of order.
Pay attention to the capacitors on the motherboard. If they are slightly swollen, then, the Board is really burned. Bloating of capacitors can be caused by unstable operation of the power supply of the computer. The failure of the capacitors does not mean that the motherboard needs to be changed. To replace the capacitors can be at home, if you have experience soldering, or in the service center.
On some models of motherboards in case of failure of CPU when the computer is turned on can occur warning Install correct central core. Turn on the computer, if the system starts to boot and appears in the window this inscription, then, the motherboard is not burned, but broken CPU. In this case you need to replace the processor.
One of the surest ways to test the motherboard is. Unplug from the motherboard to the memory modules, graphics card, hard disk and all other devices. Leave only the CPU. Turn on the computer. If after it starts you hear the bell, so motherboard is OK. In this case, it broke one of the disconnected devices.