You will need
  • - the voltmeter;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - the clip.
Do not open unit the powerto find it faulty. It is up to the experts. To determine the malfunction of this critical component, do not have to disassemble the system unit. Be careful to work your computer.
Remember whether frequent restarts and freezes for no apparent reason (during execution by the computer for simple tasks). Note the appearance of bugs in programs and operating systems in General. Errors in the functioning of the memory during testing and during further work in the system. Disruptions in the hard disk or the failure of the past, talking about the disappearance of the voltage output block supply.
Note the odor and excessive heating of the system unit. It is an undoubted symptom of the unit power supply of your computer.
If the computer does not submit signs of life, you have to take it apart. Disconnect power from the system unit. Grab a screwdriver. Remove the screws that hold the right wall from you system unit. Remove the cover to access the motherboard.
From the slot of the motherboard, remove the main plug connector unit power supply, which has 20 or 24 pins. Find the third and fourth contacts, they are green and black wires. Short the two contacts using a regular paper clip. Connect the cable of power supply. In good block power supply this starts the fan, and its terminal voltage will be.
Measure the voltage with a voltmeter. Between terminals black and red wires it will be 5 volts, black and yellow - 12 volt, black and orange - 3.3 volts (minus the black and color plus). If the values you obtain are different from the above - your power supply is faulty.