You will need
  • - solvent for Lac;
  • - fine-grained grinding skin;
  • - putty;
  • - primer;
  • Polish and brushes;
  • - special preservative composition.
Examine the damaged area. With small cosmetic defects will only need to sanded surface, and when more serious irregularities and chipping – to remove all covering completely.
Rinse thoroughly and wipe the furniture. Gently with solvent start remove the Polish from the problem areas and then sand them with a special fine sandpaper. After sanding be sure to clean the surface of debris and dust.
Small cracks and scratches repaired with putty. Once it dries, again, treat these places with sandpaper. If you completely removed the old layer with the Foundation you need to cover the primer and then start grinding.
Wait some time in order that the treated surface has dried up, and start to apply the varnish. Pay special attention to the brush with which you will work. For varnishes based on water-soluble it is best to take brushes with synthetic bristles. You can also use a mohair roller. For varnish, comprising a solvent, choose foam rollers and brushes from pig bristles.
Start to apply the varnish of continuous circular motions. If you will be staying, the end result is you can get bumps and sharp color difference. First, distribute one layer, let it dry and apply the next one. The layers are applied until then, until you get the desired luster.
Restored leave the subject alone for five to seven days to complete the drying of the lacquer. After the entire surface be treated with special preservative composition. It forms an invisible thin film which protects the furniture from moisture. This allows you to keep the lacquer coating intact for a long time.