You will need
  • documents employee documents, forms relevant documents, Labor code, A4 paper, pen, seal of the organization.
When placing the employee on fixed-term employment contract, he must write a statement of position. In the header of the document enter the company name, the surname, initials of the first person of the company, as well as your surname, name, patronymic in accordance with the identity document and residential address (zip code, region, city, settlement, street, house number, buildings, apartments). The content of the statement Express their request to reception you on job, specify the job title and Department. Put on the document, personal signature and date of writing. The statement shall be sent to the head of the organization for consideration that it puts the resolution with date and signature.
The Director shall issue an order on admission to work of the specialist. Give the document number and date, enter the surname, name, patronymic of the employee, the title of the position in accordance with the staffing. If you accept the employee during the absence of the employee who is on leave to care for a child, enter the reason in the subject of the order. Enter a specified time that is supposed to take this specialist, tell him the order for painting. The right of signature on the administrative document is the first face of the company, he assures the order's seal.
Conclude with the worker a contract of employment, which list the rights and obligations of the parties. Specify a predetermined timeframe, which was adopted by this specialist for the position. This agreement is automatically renewed if not terminated at the expiration of the indicated date of expiry. Enter the details of the company, and employee data. From the employer signed by the Director of the firm, assures the seal of the organization, from the worker – accepted for the position of specialist. Give the contract number and date.
In the workbook worker's record of work in accordance with the rules of work books. In the first and second column write the serial number, the date of admission to the post Arabic numerals. The information about the job write the company name, job title and Department. In the grounds indicate the date and number of order on admission to work of the specialist.