You will need
  • - passport;
  • certificate of registration of the vehicle;
  • - driver's license;
  • - receipt of payment of the fee for the inspection;
  • receipt for payment of the tax on the vehicle.
  • - vehicle
Give the traffic police the following documents: certificate of registration of the vehicle, your passport and driver's license.
Pay the state duty for technical inspection of vehicles. Receipt of payment of fees and receipt that confirms the payment of the tax on the vehicle, show the police. If you are the owner of a car with a trailer, you will need to pay for his inspection.
Provide for the inspection directly to the vehicle. It must be in good condition, to be completed meeting the requirements of the first aid kit, fire extinguisher and warning triangle. If the inspection passes a truck with a permissible mass greater than 3.5 tonnes or a bus with a permitted mass of more than 5 tons, you will need at least a pair of wheel chocks.
If in the course of instrumental control will be found faulty, the re-inspection must be conducted only in respect of defective components and assemblies. It should be held no later than ten days after the primary.
After passing the instrumental examination refer back to the Department of the traffic police to check the documents, verify the numbers and to pass inspection.
If the inspection revealed a discrepancy of a vehicle to any of the requirements of traffic safety, this car is considered faulty and its operation is prohibited.
In preparation for the inspection, check for fire extinguisher, warning triangle, first aid kits comply with all the requirements. Make sure that you operate the power Windows and windshield wipers that light bulbs are working properly, check the belts and the audio signals. Please note the locks on the doors and the backlash of the steering wheel.