You will need
  • Your car, passport, car documents, a small amount of money.
Drive to the registration point where you've got lost the ticket. Explain in detail to the officers the situation and the circumstances of the loss. Be prepared for the fact that they will require from you a written explanation of circumstances of loss. This is quite normal practice.
Wait until your car identificeret and will compare with the database of traffic police.
How to restore <strong>inspection</strong>
By paying the required amount for the service recovery coupon, get the documents to recover. After receiving the forms of technical inspection, go to the site and wait for verification numbers engine, body, etc. employee registration point. The result of reconciliation should be the signature of the responsible person on a form of reconciliation.
Go to the Bank, pay a state fee, established specifically for cases of recovery of lost pass.
With the signed form and the receipt back to the delivery window passes inspectionand after 5-10 minutes get a duplicate.
How to restore <strong>inspection</strong>