A year ago, each driver had before gets behind the wheel of a car to obtain a medical certificate stating that his health allows you to drive a car. It was necessary to pass examinations in the management of vehicles passing inspection, update drivers documents. For this purpose was created the special Commission which consisted of several doctors and on the basis of examination of the driver was issued a medical certificate valid for three years. Since November 2010 the Russian government has simplified the procedure of passing of checkup. From this point to complete the level it is required to present a medical certificate. However, any driver must undergo a medical examination once in three years. Experts believe that is likely to be enacted, which will be obliged to have a medical certificate to all drivers in a mandatory list of documents while driving a vehicle. This means that help is needed is, simply it is not included in the list of required documents for passing inspection.To have a certificate of your health condition is necessary when the qualification exams in the vehicle, when you return driver's license after the traffic police for traffic violations, withdrawing the right of management.In addition, the Russian government approved a new sample of the driver's medical certificate. This document now is the document protected from counterfeiting, and their results are recorded in special journals. While the health of the driver meets the doctor who issued the certificate, but the government want to consider the law, by analogy with the Western countries, where their health is responsible the driver, as well as for committing them to the accident.