You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • account in the system Yandex.Money";
  • - the balance on it is not less than the amount of payment and Commission system;
  • - details of the payee.
Log in to the system "Yandex.Money" and click on the tab "Pay".
On the page you will see a large list of different payment options. In its lower part (if the monitor is small, you will have to scroll to the end) you will see the link "Payment receipts".
The use of this service allows you to pay for any services or goods, whether it be utilities, kindergarten or centre of further education, taxes or penalties, contributions to the country or garage cooperative, non-cash payment for purchased goods at the store and much more.
After you click this link you will see the payment form. For successful withdrawal of money and receipts from the recipient is required to correctly fill all the fields.
Preferred for this account and receipts issued in the electronic form, where the required information (account number, VAT number of the recipient BIC of his Bank, its name) are simply copied and pasted into the appropriate fields of the form. If you use paper or scan will have to rely on your attentiveness and carefully check the information entered.
If you make a payment on account of an individual, in the field " payee's name, enter his / her name. Also ask him to provide the account number and Bank's BIC (knowing the name of the credit institution, you can find all the details on her website).
By filling in the form and checking whether the entered information, click on the "Pay" button at the bottom of the page and when prompted, enter the payment password.
The system remembers all your payments through the service payment receipts, so if you want to transfer money you don't have to fill in again. Will only open a saved form, and if necessary to adjust the payment amount.