First find out whether the ultimate recipient of the money, the performance of the obligations of the third personm. Some companies, especially created with the participation of foreign capital and banks such payments are not accepted. So please make sure that your payment for another company will be credited.
The payment by a legal entity involves the simultaneous formation of or repayment of obligations between the debtor and company is the payer, therefore, the basis for payment should be defined by the contract. If your enterprise has a debt to the legal entitym that will be money transfer, you can repay it according to the payment partially or completely. In that case, if there is no debt, will sign the contract on granting of the loan.
Ask the debtor a formal letter with the request to make payment on its obligations. Make sure that it contains the following information:- name and legal address of the debtor;- the full name of the creditor and his Bank details;- payment;- the payment in favor of lender with reference to the contract under which payment will be made;- number and date of the contract between your company and the debtor.
On the basis of a letter prepare a payment order. Pay special attention to the purpose of the payment: it must contain the name of the debtor and to the obligations that are repaid in payment, and specify the contract between the debtor and the creditor, and the second between the debtor and your company.
For example, OOO "Avtotsentr" asks you to list 2 million rubles, JSC "automobile manufacturer" of cars under contract No. 123 dated 01.10.11 for your company and OOO "Avtotsentr" signed a loan agreement №1 from 01.12.11. The payment will look like this: "For the batch of cars under contract No. 123 dated 01.10.11 for "Autocentre" account of calculations under the loan agreement №1 dated 01.12.11, including VAT (18%)".
Because the debtor does not have documents confirming the fact of payment, pass a copy of the payment order marked by the Bank. For reflection of operations in accounting, make and sign the act of offsetting specified in the payment agreement.