You will need
  • - passport;
  • - a plastic card;
  • - the funds.
If you are a natural person and has a plastic Bank card, put the money through ATM. To do this, locate the merchant device that accepts cash. Insert the card into the cell, enter the security code and click on "Deposit cash". Then insert the specified amount into the bill acceptor. Be sure to keep the receipt to confirm the receipt of money for RAcounting account.
Put money on account via teller. Please contact the service of the Bank. If you currently have a passport, a contract or a plastic card. Be sure to save the receipt issued by the cashier.
To transfer money into the account from another card through the Internet. It's enough to have access to Internet banking and the account number of a plastic card.
You also have the ability to replenish the account with another credit card using an ATM. To do this, insert the card into the cell, enter the security code and click "Transfer funds". Then enter the card number, the amount and hit "Translate".
If you have a passbook, a Deposit in that Bank in which you signed the contract. To do this, you must provide a passbook to the teller in which he will make a note of the making of the claimed amount.
If you are a legal entity, pay in money, turning to the teller. Be sure to name the source of the funds. For example, if you make a accountable amount, say so.
When you make of cash received due to sale, in the order indicated this source. If you do not follow the correctness of registration of memorial warrants for the payment of the amounts, you can "bump" on the penalty for incorrect maintenance of cash discipline. In addition, the tax authorities may assess additional for the amount of the profit tax and a fine for MIS-reporting.