You will need
  • - details of the payee;
  • - passport;
  • - a sufficient account balance.
If you have your account to enable the transfer and Commission of the Bank balance, contact the credit institution where it is open. Depending on the Bank at the same branch, which is registered your account, or anytime soon. Inform the operator about the desire to make a Bank transfer.To comply with your request, the teller of the Bank will need the account number and the Bank details of the payee. If the recipient is you, the account number must know yourself. If another person, he should send this information to you.The representative will also want to see your passport. But if you make a transfer from your account, which is tied to a plastic card, then most likely her.
You may offer yourself to complete the necessary documents. Although in most cases it is enough to announce the name of the payee, his account number and Bank details (often the minimum set: Bank name and BIC, but it is better to have full details) and the amount transferred. Everything else is the responsibility of the operator.If the Bank charges for this service Commission, the operator needs to warn and to sound its size. Make a decision on the situation: are you satisfied with it or preferred another option.
As the availability operator will offer you to sign the generated document on the basis of which will be the write-off of money. Read it carefully, compare it with the printout of the details. If not found error, sign the document and give it to teller.Will receive a document confirming the payment with the Bank. It you are required to give.