You will need
  • - the statement;
  • order.
To interrupt the leave, in writing, notify the employer one month in advance of the fact. During your leave to care for a child in your place, certainly took a temporary employee, because your job someone had to perform.
Visit the office of the company one month before the planned withdrawal, file a written statement in which you state that you plan to terminate granted leave and go to work. Specify the number from which you plan to begin fulfilling their duties. Check under the statement of resolution of the employer.
The employer will notify the temporary employee working in your place that the permanent employee returns. Warning part-time or interim must be received no later than 14 days before the intended dismissal.
On the basis of your application, informing you of the end of the maternity leave, the employer will issue a decree on the termination of leave to care for a child. The unified form of the document but it must include the day, month and year when you plan to go out, and link to your application, a personal desire to terminate granted leave.
Before you plan to interrupt his vacation, hire a babysitter or have a kid in kindergarten, so he was under supervision, and you are not distracted from work. If you went to work, but there is force majeure, for example, the baby became sick often or you realized you left it on too early and going to work was a rash act, you are entitled at any time to submit to the guidance statement on the renewal of leave to care for a child up to three years.
Don't forget that the employer doesn't like to change decisions, especially since he had to remove the officer your responsibilities, but if you change your mind to work and continue a holiday, will have to urgently look for a replacement to take your place, so still think carefully whether to interrupt his vacation, which was given to care for the baby.