For example, the options in the system ucoz. In other systems, the names of commands and buttons may differ, but the meaning is the same. To manage pages, you must have administrator rights and have access to the control panel.
Open the page and log in to see additional menu bar. Select the item "General" and the command "control panel". Enter a password and confirm the input control code. Don't forget that the passwords for authorization on the site and to log in to the control panel may not match.
Select the "page Editor" on the left side of the screen. Once on the page "Control module", select "Manage website pages". Next you will be taken to the page "Manage content", make sure that the list displays all the available on the website page. If something is missing, install in the appropriate fields the value of "page Editor" and "All materials" from the drop down list.
Opposite the name of each page contains the tools. To delete a page, click on the icon [x] and confirm by pressing the OK button in the query window. The page will be deleted.
If you don't want to delete the page, make the materials on it are unavailable for viewing. To do this, click the edit icon of a wrench. You may need to re-log on to the website, as the management of pages is carried out through the website.
In the lower part available to edit the page, go to "Options" and set the marker in the "page Content is temporarily unavailable for viewing", then save your changes. Page will remain on the website, but it will disappear from the menu.
To remove the page and without logging in to the control panel. After logging in, enable the "Designer" and when the page changes, click on the button with the spanner. Opens an additional window "Control menu". Click on the icon [x] next to the page you want to delete and confirm your action. Save the changes.