Opera. Go to the main menu of the browser and select "Bookmarks." In the list, click the item "Manage bookmarks". A window will appear, consisting of a toolbar and two parts: left – folders for bookmarks, right – bookmarked links to the web page. To invoke this menu you can also press Ctrl+Shift+b. Select the folder in which you want to clean the bookmark, select the link to delete and click Delete on the toolbar or press the Delete key. Deleted bookmarks are moved to a Trash folder, so you might need to restore them.
Google Chrome. Click on the wrench icon to call up the browser menu. Select "Bookmarks" and click on "bookmark Manager". Navigate to the desired folder and select the link you want to delete. Click right button of the mouse or the button "Organize" and select "Remove". You can also simply press the Delete key on the keyboard to clear the selected objects.
Internet Explorer. Click on the icon in the shape of a star. A window will appear, consisting of three tabs. Bookmarks are in the favorites section. To remove it, select the link and click on it, right click, then click on the "Delete" button. To clear the bookmark list by pressing the Delete key in Internet Explorer will not work, because the selection of the link causes it to open.
Mozilla Firefox. Click on "Bookmarks". Check out the appeared list and click the links that need to be cleaned. Then click on the selection, right-click and click the Delete command.
Safari. Click on the icon of an open book, to go to the bookmark editor browser. Select the collection or individual links that you want to delete and press the Delete key. The browser allows you to recover deleted bookmarks. To do this go to menu edit and select "Undo delete bookmark".