You will need
  • browser (Opera, Mozilla Firefox etc.) with saved bookmarks.
Every day, moving across the expanses of the Internet, we keep in memory your browser sometimes dozens of addresses of favourite pages. But we rarely think that this to themselves, complicating life - after all, a bookmark may not be useful, but they impede access to important that we go to the desired page on a daily basis. But when the question arises about removing bookmarks, some users are lost. In fact, this process is quite simple.
Double click on the shortcut on the desktop open a browser on your computer. Launching the browser can be done from the menu "start". Open it, select "All programs" and locate the desired browser.
In the browser is running at the top of the page is the control panel ("file", "edit", "view", "history", "bookmarks", "tools", "help"). Select "Bookmarks".
In this case you will see a list of bookmarks you have made on this computer in this browser. Do not try to delete unnecessary bookmarks from the list directly is impossible.
Top of the list of bookmarks is the item "Manage bookmarks". Select it. Appears the "Library" menu on the left.
In the "Library", select "bookmarks Menu". At the same time in the field to the right you will see all the bookmarks saved on the computer. Highlighting a bookmark, you can learn detailed information about each of them.
Select single click left mouse button on the useless bookmark you want to delete. Clicking on the right button, you open a menu for the bookmark that has the "Delete". Click on it and the bookmark will disappear from the lists.
Also bookmarks can be deleted by using the keyboard, using Delete key, which is located in the upper right corner. Select a bookmark by clicking on it once with left mouse button and press Del. Bookmark removed.