You will need
  • browser.
Expand the Opera browser and inspect the toolbar. On the right side of the toolbar should be icon in the form of small bins — this is the closed tabs history. Click the icon to display the list of closed tabs. If the log is too big, the program will roll them like a menu item to view then you will need to hover your mouse on the triangle at the bottom.
Click on "Clear history of closed tabs" to remove items from the list. All the tabs will disappear and the cart will be empty. Back they cannot, the basket will be filled with new addresses. If you don't want Opera kept closed tabs in the shopping cart, go to your browser settings. On the "Advanced" tab select "History" in the list on the left. Set the value to 0 in the box to "Remember addresses" and click "OK" to apply the changed settings.
If you are using Internet Explorer, you closed tabs are placed inside the address bar. To see the link, expand the address bar. To remove tabs, just mouseover the link there a little cross, when clicked on that link is removed. It is best to use in browser Windows quick launch.
Typically, these options allow real-time clear view of all the sites that are included in the data Windows. For example, the Opera browser updated a new version of his program, and now you can add an unlimited number of Windows for sites. Added Windows can be moved among themselves to build a pyramid of the most important sites.
To remove the tabs in the magazine in the Google Chrome browser, go to the tab "Settings" in the upper right corner. Next, go to "Advanced" and then click "Delete browsing data". In Mozilla everything is much easier. Go to the tab "Log". Next in the list, select "Recently closed tabs" and clear the list.