The journey across the expanses of the Internet sometimes leads to some difficulties. One of them is the spontaneous opening pages in the browser. This process usually does not depend on the browser you used to enjoy or from your provider. There are several types of self-opening pages. This window pop-up and pop-down represent advertising, websites, and belong to the spam (junk information). The sites displayed above or behind the page you're viewing. To get rid of them guaranteed, unfortunately, is not possible.

Another form of pages that open without your knowledge, contain any virus software code. They are not founded on a particular site and are activated not only during a visit. Such pages may appear on your computer screen, even in those moments when you are not working on the Internet and the browser is not enabled.

Get rid of the scourge smoothtraffic sites in several ways. Try changing the browser to Opera - it has excellent protection against pop-UPS, as well as prevents the opening of third-party pages after viewing your various sites. Clear cookies, delete all temporary pages and files on your computer. In some cases, it helps to get rid of re-opening unwanted pages.

Run the scan the whole computer by the antivirus software. A good antivirus will detect and eliminate the cause of the spontaneous opening of the sites. Use the program that blocks all pop-UPS. For example, Adblock or Ad muncher. Remember that the browser Opera has this feature by default. If it does not work, update your version of the program.

If all above methods don't rid you of problems, you will have to use drastic method of dealing with your own opening pages. Completely reinstall the operating system and software on your computer, and you can forget about this problem.