There are several options start. In one case, loads any web page selected by the user in other – net tab. In some browsers it is possible to get started with visual bookmarks, but that's only if you have installed the extension "Yandex.Bar" or the like.
To set as your home page is the website by choice, start a browser. In Mozilla Firefox in the top menu bar select "Tools" and click the left mouse button on the "Settings" drop-down menu. A new window will open.
Go to the Main tab. In the "Run" line in the "Home page" enter the address of the website from which work is to begin on the Internet. If you want to download blank tab, fill in the required field about:blank. Click OK to the new settings took effect. The next time you start the browser instead of a search engine "Yandex" will be loaded or a blank page, or a site of your choice.
In Internet Explorer the menu names are slightly different. Launch the app and in menu "tools" select "Internet options". When you open a new dialog window, make active the "General" tab and enter the desired data in the group "Home page". You can also use the buttons "Empty", "Current", "Original" from this group. Do not forget to apply new settings.
By the described principle, it is possible to change the home page in any other browser. The only difficulty that can occur among inexperienced users is the lack of menu bar in Internet Explorer. To remedy the situation, click on the menu bar in the browser window right click. In the context menu, set the marker next to the item "menu" ("menu Bar") using the left mouse button.