You will need
  • - personal computer with Internet access;
  • check on one of the social sites.
Leave the site at any time. But before making a hasty decision, consider whether to make such a move. Otherwise, if you decide to return to the site and continue the conversation, you again have to look for friends and recover your contacts and photos.
Although for some time to block pagesfrom you can. To do this, go to settings (usually this section is indicated by the icon showing a wrench icon or gear) and select "Delete my site". As a rule, if for 28-30 days you look at his page, the account will be automatically restored. If removal will be longer than the above period, the profile will be permanently disabled, and return it will be a daunting task.
But if you do decide temporarily to say goodbye to a favorite website, even temporarily, go to the page and follow the corresponding removal settings.
For example, in the popular "Vkontakte" to delete your account in the main menu, select "Settings" and go to "Privacy". Here, find the box labeled "Who can see my page" and put a ban to all users. For each item tick the option "only me" and click on "save". After that your page will be hidden for all visitors to the website. You will be able to restore it if within thirty days, visit the page. Otherwise, the profile will disappear completely.
Temporarily remove page can and services "Rambler". On the main page, open "Settings" from which you will need, go to "Delete survey", and after clicking on the delete – save changes. And to forget about disabled profile. But during the thirty-day period, you will need to return to the page, otherwise you will lose.
Within 28 days after filing is cancelled profile from the Dating site "Fotostrana". To delete your account you first need to visit "Settings", then on the page changes, select "Remove me." Through the day repeat the request removal and wait for the specified period. But if you decide to stay on the website, visit it before a specified for the change period. So you will be able to return to your page and to continue the dialogue.