Just remove the site - it is the simplest and most radical method and is suitable, of course, only if the site you no longer need. Some time after the removal of the search engines will no longer show it in the results. For this you need to wait until the next reindex. When you access the address will be given 404 error - "Page not found".
To remove a specific page from the issuance of, enter the meta tag in its html code is: <meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow"/>. Position code inside the <head> and </head>.
Close the page from being indexed by editing the file robots.txt. It is in the root folder of the site and is intended for search robots. The web master specifies the options to which the robot should follow when indexing pages. To remove from the search specific page in the file robots.txt paste the following code: User-Agent: * Disallow: /index.html. To close the page, for example, from Yandex, enter this: User-agent: Yandex Disallow: /index.html. Wait for reindex - only after that page disappears from the search. But if they have external references, this method may not work. In some cases, robots can ignore your instructions in the file robots.txt.
Remove the pages from the issue by going to the websites of search engines. To remove a resource from Yandex, go to enter the url of your page into the box and click "Delete". To do the same in Google, go to the "Tools for webmasters", after login in your account.
If you find yourself on the Internet some information, but are not the owner of the resource, contact the site administrator with a request to delete the data. In extreme cases you can contact the support service of the search engine.