You will need
  • Satin fabric silver color, scissors, chalk, needle, thread, clasp "rivet" the tape, Notepad, pen.
Flatten out the fabric and measure how many meters.
Measure your height, the distance from the neck to the ankles and record your measurements in a notebook.
The fabric divide it into two rectangles, one long and wide cloak, the second was rather short for the hood.
On the wide of the fabric at the top, draw a horizontal strip, stepping back from the edge by 5-7 cm on each side make cuts equal to 15-20 cm do the same with the hood, but at the bottom.
A head wrap the resulting rectangle and tie the ends in back.
Throw a cloak on the shoulders and tie in front, using the ends that you cut from two sides. In order that the cloak did not fall, you can optionally sew a zipper "Rivet". Make the costume of the assassin is not so difficult.