Select the basis. Its role is to hold all components of the feeding. With great success you can use breadcrumbs, bran, grinded feed, corn flour in various combinations and proportions. The base should be hearty, it only disperses in the water, creating turbidity and attracting fish, but not saturating it.
As the attracting component feeding carp take skimmed milk. Creating a fragrant white cloud, milk is especially whets the appetite of the fish and ensures great bite. Divergent on the water, attracting the dregs quickly collects in fishing large amounts of fish.
Add the dressing flavors. For carp you can use corn oil, rapeseed oil, unrefined sunflower and other strong-smelling oil. Good examples are the different essences – cherry, strawberry, and powder flavors – vanilla, cinnamon, anise. Experiment, try to apply those or other smells, choosing the most attractive for carp in your pond.
For the preparation of bait take water only from the pond where you will catch the fish, as carp are very sensitive to foreign odors. After you have planted part of the mix, let her stand for full swelling. And then add as much water as will be required for the formation of the desired viscosity.Properly prepared bait should not fall apart when hitting the water and elute earlier than 5 minutes in still water. It is possible to check, if you roll a small ball and throw it near the shore at shallow depth so that it is visible. In the course of time erosion bait can be less.
Better to bait attracted the fish, before you sculpt it into balls, RUB through a sieve. Then get a mixture saturated with air, and when dissolved in water easily particles will quickly spread through a greater distance to attract carp.