Features catching carp on the Donk

The most favorable conditions for catching carp on the Donk – cold rainy weather, deep water and strong current.

Experienced fishermen when fishing for carp on the Donk advise you to pay attention to the bottom of the reservoir. If it is covered with silt, the selected bait should not still be better if it is at a distance of several centimeters from the bottom.

Not superfluous under such circumstances would be to use karasinym boilies as close to the composition of the underlying solid foods. To ensure the buoyancy of the lure anglers tie it to the hook on the thread, which is woven from multiple thin fibers black, brown or green line.

If for catching carp you have selected body of water with solid ground, the lure should be different from the pieces of bait mixture, no composition, no color, no odor. Use a bird feeder in this case is not necessary. Just don't forget to periodically replace swollen in water the bait with fresh bait.

Donka for carp with the feeder

Many fishermen don't think catching carp on the Donk without the use of feeders purchased in the fishing store or made by hand. The feeder is mounted on the fishing line and fixed it with pellets so that if necessary it was easy to slide. You also need to complement the tackle 1-2 leashes. To weight fishing line you can use fishing sinkers.

The next step will be the gasket forming a kind of grid wire spiral viscous, but it can be diluted with water feed. The most popular with modern fishermen treat for carp is considered a mixture of various cereals, cake and biscuits. If in preparation for catching carp on the Donk have you noticed that the bottom is too muddy, you can lengthen the leads and put on one of them (the one that is located just above the hook) the ball of foam with a pre-done in this through hole. Ball lock with cambrica.

Fishing for carp on the Donk with a rubber band

No less effective variation of fishing tackle for carp is considered Donka with the rubber shock-absorber, popularly referred to as "elastic". Its length can range from 1.5 to 2.5 m. the Main advantage of this method of fishing is the ability to use multiple hooks, the number of which does not exceed the permissible limits.

The principle of catching carp on the Donk with rubber band is very simple. Boats sink to the bottom of the reservoir attached to one end of the elastic load. To it tie a rope on it with fixed float, which at any moment will be able to point you to the location of the gear. The second end of the elastic bands connect the fishing line, pre-equipped with leashes tied to them with fishing hooks. To attract carp some anglers often use at the location of the gear mesh feeder with the feeding.