Meet the inhabitants who are going to catch. Fish in the pond selects specific locations in the narrow river are biting in the extensions, in the broad waters loves shoals, in the shallow – prefer pits, and in stagnant areas she especially likes the ducts.
Ruff, perch, roach – benthic fish. To catch them, the hook needs to lie on the bottom or be located slightly above, at a distance of five to ten inches of silt. Bleak is fed from the surface to fishing hook place down from the water surface to a distance of ten centimeters to a meter. After the rains, almost all non-predatory fish approaches the coast, as the streams flowing into the reservoir, inhabitants are extra delicious food.
Get everything you need for fishing. The most common types of fishing rods are float, bottom and spinning. The novice angler can start with an inexpensive rod. The float mechanism is easy to operate, it is possible to catch any fish everywhere. Bottom fishing rod allows you to hunt for the careful, deep and large inhabitants of the waters. Spinning is suitable for catching of predatory fish: pike, perch, Zander.
Learn the techniques of catching fish. Depending on the fishing season is divided into summer, autumn, winter and spring. For each time – your way different adaptations and fishing techniques.
Take along several types of lures, tips and also use the animals that live in a particular pond. As bait you can use earthworms, steamed grain, artificial substitutes, bread or flour dough.
Check the hooks so that they were sharp. If the metal is dull, sharpen it on a matchbook. If you are lucky and hooked a big fish, do not yank the line sharply, and slowly dragged the trophy to the shore.
Remember that fish are very developed nervous system. If you walk along the shore, pounding on the boat, dipping the rod in the water, you can easily scare away all living creatures. Keep in mind that your shadow does not fall in the location of the float.
Learn the technique of using spinning and rules of exploitation of equipment. The bait is good, but more importantly the hand of the fisherman, causing the fish to be tempted by the bait. Snap-in rods are every year becoming easier, and it allows fans to see the lightest bite and make cutting.
Than clearer the water, the harder it is to fish. In this case, the tackle must be very thin. However, it is impossible that it broke the first carp. Stealth gear is achieved by using a transparent forest of thin wires, hooks, multiple stained the color of bottom or sludge.
Find out where is good for fishing, and go fishing. Better if the first time your mentor will be a friend or acquaintance.