You will need
    • Boneless pork
    • bow
    • tomato paste
    • yogurt
    • mineral water
    • adjika
    • red and white dry wine
    • coriander (cilantro)
    • parsley
    • salt
    • red and black pepper
    • pan.
Boneless pork, cut into large pieces across the grain so that it was convenient to put the meat on the skewer. Onions clean from the husk. Prepare a bowl in which to soak the skewers.
Slice the onion into rings. Put in a saucepan in layers of meat and rings of onion, top onion should be. Make a marinade. Mix dry red wine with sweet tomato paste, add coriander, red hot pepper, black pepper and salt. Pour the meat for barbecue marinade and put in a cold place for two hours. After two hours, remove pot and stir the meat into the marinade so it is evenly soaked.
Mince the onions. Put layers of meat and chopped onion. The layers pour the sauce mixed with vegetable oil. Let stand in the cold for hours. Mix the layers and allow the meat to stand still, to zamarinuetsya.
Chop the onion in large rings. Onions should be slightly smaller than meat. Put in a container a layer of meat, layer of onions and a lot of greenery, which you tear with your hands, a little salt. Thus, all the meat sandwich, the top layer should be onion. Pour dry white wine and let stand in a cool place to marinate. 1 hour before stringing meat on skewers, add salt and stir the meat in the marinade.
Sandwich in the pan the meat, finely chopped onion and cilantro. Add tomato juice with salt, leave to marinate.
Put in a saucepan a layer of meat and layer of onions, season with salt, add the hot red pepper. Put the tomatoes cut into rings, and pour lemon juice or wine vinegar. Alternate layers until all meat.