You will need
    • Pork neck - 1 kg
    • 3-4 onions
    • salt
    • seasoning
    • dill
    • parsley
    • 1 lemon
    • Bay leaf
    • enamelware.
Fresh pork neck rinse thoroughly under running water. Take a cutting Board, a sharp knife and cut the meat into pieces (about 3 by 3 cm). Fold in an enamel or plastic utensils.
How to marinate <b>pork</b> barbecue
Onions clean from the husk and cut into rings (half rings, if you're not going to stick on a skewer). Greens (dill + parsley) washed and cut into. Fold onion and herbs in a bowl with the meat.
How to marinate <b>pork</b> barbecue
Lemon wash and cut into 4 pieces, squeeze the juice out of it into the meat. Add seasonings (rosemary, nutmeg, black pepper, thyme, Basil, Bay leaf). Mix well and cover tightly with a lid. Put into the refrigerator for 6-8 hours (preferably overnight).
Before cooking add salt and again mix well. Strung meat on skewers (you can alternate with onion) and cook over hot coals until tender, turning occasionally. In fire, to pour the marinade mixture mixed with water (ratio 1:1). BON APPETIT IN A FUN, FRIENDLY COMPANY!