The taste, texture and even the color of the kebab depends on what they're soaked before cooking. Many people marinate the meat in yogurt, vinegar, mineral water, lemon juice, beer, wine and other liquid ingredients. A good marinade is designed to soften the muscle fibers. A barbecue will acquire a unique taste and aroma and is cooked much faster. It is worth to mention that the only correct method of marinating does not exist. Everyone chooses the ingredients for the marinade at your own risk, relying on the advice of friends or on your own experience.

In the Caucasus I consider that it is possible to go without liquid additives. It is sufficient to RUB the meat with salt, red and black pepper, add the onion and Bay leaf and put under the press for 1-2 hours

Traditional marinades for barbecue

In Soviet times, many have used vinegar as the main ingredient for the marinade. And now a lot of people generously add acetic acid or vinegar. However, the chefs argue that this is in any case impossible. Because of the vinegar the meat becomes tough. In addition, quite strong flavor of the vinegar gives the genuine taste of meat.

Mayonnaise marinade has already become traditional. Someone even think that only the French sauce you can marinate the skewers correctly. It is advisable to choose the store is a low-calorie low-fat mayonnaise. Classic varieties such as "Provencal" with a fat content of 67% have a fairly thick consistency, slowly absorbed, and therefore significantly increase the soaking time. If you decide to marinate the skewers in mayonnaise, add the sauce and immediately within 2-3 minutes, mix the meat with your hands, like "whipping".

To the mayonnaise marinade can add a few drops of vegetable oil, then barbecue will be even more juicy

Pink sauce, or as it is called "ketones" is a mixture in equal proportions of tomato ketchup and mayonnaise. In most cases, this sauce is the perfect complement to a barbecue, but can also be a marinade. Soak skewers in pink sauce is no more than three to four hours.

One of the most popular marinades for kebabs is mineral water. However, water does not have any effect, and if you pour carbonated mineral water, carbon dioxide will tear fibers. A barbecue will be dry and not too tasty.

Original marinades for barbecue

In the Caucasus, often marinate in white wine. But not the one that is served on the table during the meal. When grapes ripen of the crop goes to the production of special wines, designed to enrich the taste of the future of barbecue. If you are not able to get this wine, do not worry. You can take an ordinary white wine (necessarily dry). Per kilogram of meat needs about 300 grams of liquid. Skewers, soaked in this marinade, it turns out very juicy, flavorful and tender.

Even if you don't like spicy, take a chance to marinate the meat in Dijon mustard. It is quite delicate in itself, but the meat will give a slight sharpness. Marinade with Dijon mustard – almost the only one that doesn't require spices. Just add a bow.

Very tasty shish kebab turns out that marinating the meat in pomegranate juice. Better to pour the meat juice at night and put under the press. In the morning you can fry.

The easiest option marinade, which is being ignored by many, a lemon and onions. And Luke should take exactly as much as you think meat. Onions should be cut into rings or half rings. In the pan is laid first a layer of onions, then a layer of meat, then onions again, and so on. The lemon in this case, just squeezed on top. Probably will be a very successful experiment, if you onions and lemon rubbed on a grater (to make it easier, you can slightly to freeze both ingredients), add to the bowl with meat and mix. Salt a barbecue need half an hour before the end of the soaking.