How to marinate pork

Pork for barbecue is better to buy from farmers. Such meat is usually better and fresher than the stores. Sold in supermarkets fillet, to ensure a more long-term storage, often undergoes additional processing, and therefore contains less nutrients.

Marinate meat best recipe in lemon juice and spices. Good blend of Georgian spices, they are very fragrant and sweet.

The meat is washed under cool running water and dry with paper towels. Then cut into small pieces 2-3 cm thick

Each piece is sprinkled with salt and a mixture of Georgian spices. Seasoned the meat slide is placed in the pan and sprinkle with lemon juice. The capacity put in the fridge or a cool place for at least 4 hours. So the meat was more soft and juicy, it is advisable to leave it to marinate overnight.

If the kebabs need to marinate quickly, you can cook the marinade on the basis of mineral water. Cut into small pieces of pork, sprinkle with spices, add chopped onion half rings and pour all the ice mineral water. After half an hour the meat can be strung on skewers and fried.

Skewers of lamb

Real barbecue made cooking lamb. Especially good is the fresh lamb meat.

Well washed tenderloin cleaned from films, excess fat and cut into slices not thicker than 2 cm. onion cut into half rings, sprinkle with coarse salt and add to the meat. Black pepper mash with a knife. Sprinkle meat with pepper and other spices. For this fit, coriander, thyme, Basil, supp and red sweet pepper. Kebab mixed well with spices and finely chopped garlic.

Add 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and pomegranate sauce. Sauce you can substitute high-quality pomegranate juice. The meat squeeze the juice of half a lemon and leave in a cool place for 4-12 hours.

With a quick recipe of lamb in a wine marinade. To do this, chopped the flesh of a young lamb, pour the white wine. After 15 minutes, the meat can cook.

How to marinate chicken

In recent years quite often have to use chicken meat for barbeque or BBQ. A great marinade for chicken, dairy products are yogurt or kefir. The Caucasus is often used as a marinade, a national sour yoghurt.

For cooking take the chicken thighs or legs. Fresh Basil, pounded in a mortar with the garlic or finely chop. Yogurt or half a liter of yogurt mixed with 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and add the chopped herbs, garlic and seasonings.

Mix the chicken with the marinade and leave for a day in the fridge. Marinated meat is cleaned from the excess sauce and cook over coals for 25 minutes.

The longest tenderloin marinated in tomato juice. In this marinade and leave the meat for 2 days.

The time required for marinating meat in a greater degree depends on quality of used raw material. Old, tough and stringy fillet requires more time for marinating and harsher marinade based on vinegar. If cooking use young fresh meat, apply the vinegar is not recommended. He kills squirrels and lost the real taste of barbecue.