Advice 1: How to treat hormonal imbalance

Hormonal imbalance invariably leads to some disorders in the organism, is expressed in excess or deficit of hormones. The manifestations of these pathological conditions mnogobrojni and determine certain violations impossible. When changes in your condition, for example when a sudden weight gain or the appearance of constant fatigue and sleepiness need to first go to the endocrinologist and to hand over blood on hormones.
How to treat hormonal imbalance
After examination the doctor to bring the treatment appoints hormones, synthetic or made from animal products.By partial reduction or complete loss of function of any endocrine gland prescribe hormone replacement therapy. This treatment does not restore functions of the body, only replace the shortage or complete lack of hormones. Therefore, is constantly and take into account such factors as age, pregnancy and others. These indicators affect the reactivity of the patient to the drugs. As an example — lifelong administration of insulin in diabetes mellitus or glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid hormones in Edisonova disease.
With reduced functional abilities of the endocrine glands use of stimulating hormonal therapy. This treatment is indicated in such conditions as gonadal dysgenesis, hypothyroidism, androgen insufficiency in males and other.
When hyperfunctions of the glands of internal secretion used in the therapy, inhibiting their function in the production of hormones. Such blockage of the glands can be achieved by direct suppression of its functions, for example, treatment of hyperthyroidism with etizolam, or due to opposite effects on peripheral tissue.
In addition to the use of different medications to restore hormonal balance, regenerative medicine offers additional treatments. Together with the dysfunction of glands of internal secretion fails in the psycho-emotional condition. Therefore, consult a therapist, it will help to gain a positive attitude in a favorable outcome of the disease. The duration of treatment and doses of drugs on the background of psychotherapy can be significantly reduced.
Along with psychotherapy, use acupuncture, hirudotherapy, mud and mineral baths. Such methods are prescribed by a doctor.

Advice 2 : What can be treated with hormonal failure in the home

Hormonal failure may be accompanied by menstrual cycle, sudden weight changes and even depression. In medical institutions for the normalization of hormonal medications are used in the same conditions as domestic is most often used folk remedies.
What can be treated with hormonal failure in the home

Effective herbal infusion in the treatment of hormonal failure

Great normalizes hormonal balance the infusion of herbs, prepared according to the following recipe:
- 2 parts of chamomile;
- 1 part of common wormwood;
- Part 3 medicinal marigold (calendula);
- Part 1 common yarrow;
- 2 parts motherwort heart.
Take 2 tbsp of the herbal tea and pour 2 cups just-boiling water, insist half an hour and filtered. Healing infusion take half a Cup three times a day for 5-7 minutes before eating. Treatment can last from 6 to 8 weeks.

Elimination of hormonal failure in dysfunctional uterine bleeding

To restore hormonal balance, prescribe a decoction prepared from medicinal herbs:
- 2 parts Valerian root medicinal;
- 2 parts herb motherwort heart;
- 2 parts leaf Urtica dioica;
- 2 parts, grass, peppermint;
- 3 parts of flowers of chamomile.
In a glass of water take 1 tbsp of the herbal tea, bring the mixture to a boil, after that slowed down the heat to low, cook 3-5 minutes. This 55-57 insist broth minutes and filtered. This drug is drink half a Cup three-four times a day before meals.

A similar effect has herbal infusion consisting of these components:
- 2 parts mugwort treatment;
- 1 part erect cinquefoil (root);
- 2 parts plantain;
- 1 part ordinary viburnum (bark);
- 1 part red raspberry (leaf);
- 1 Cup of water.
Take 1 tbsp. l. collection pour boiling water and infuse for 40-50 minutes, then filtered. Drink this remedy half Cup three times a day for 5-7 minutes before meals.

Eating cooked these prescription drugs not only allows you to restore hormonal balance and helps to relieve nervous tension, and stops the bleeding. In addition, these "drugs" have a tonic effect, therefore, their method will have a beneficial effect on the immune system.

Treatment hormonal failure, accompanied by scanty menstruation

In this case, we recommend to pay attention to the fragrant root is a medicinal plant that is rich in vitamins and other biologically active elements. With such a rich chemical composition, Ruta fragrant tones, normalizes metabolism, effectively cope with hormonal disruptions caused by nervous or physical exhaustion, etc.

To restore hormonal is recommended to prepare a decoction by the following recipe:
- 1 tbsp of Rue;
- a glass of water.
Raw material is poured just boiled water, put the mixture on small fire and cook for 3-5 minutes, then insist 43-45 minutes. Then remedy strain. Drink a potion 70 ml three times a day.
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