Please note that the correct orientation of the terrain means the precise determination of the directions of cardinal points and their location. Usually you have to first find the direction to the North and South. Having a map or compass, make it easy. But in the absence of these funds the best way is to steer by the Polar star.
Look at her bright light - the most ancient astronomical landmark. Located as close to the North pole, it points North with a small error in orientation can be neglected. North star present in the sky always, regardless of time of day and year. It can be seen anywhere in the Northern hemisphere. Interestingly, the radiation of the Polar star has a strong positive impact on the planet. Approximately 2102 year it will be directly over the axis of the Earth.
To find Polaris, look for either the constellation URSA Minor, or Great bear constellation. They are next, and consequently vary in size. The North star is the last and brightest star of the little bear's tail. But often in the sky define a large bucket of seven fairly bright stars, and then, highlighting the vision two rightmost stars of the dipper, mentally hold the line about five times longer directly to the North star. Looking at her, you will move exactly in the Northern direction. Behind you will be South, right is East and the left West.
Note that this method of orienteering is not universal. Don't use being in high Northern latitudes, as the polar star is very high; and in the southern hemisphere, the tropics is a spring constellation.
Consider the seasonal changes of the position of the Big dipper relative to the horizon during the year, and during the day. In autumn, being in the middle lane, to locate the North star it is better to use the constellation Cassiopeia. It is removed from the North star about the same distance as the Big dipper. Consisting of five bright stars of the constellation resembles a sweeping letter "M" in temperate latitudes. If you mentally hold a perpendicular line from the middle bottom of the star towards the middle of the letter "M", you'll see the North star.