When you have frequent loose stools accompanied by abdominal pain, and you associate such manifestations with poor quality food, it would be correct to start therapeutic measures with bowel lavage. You need some time to put a cleansing enema before the advent of clean wash water. Use boiled water or weak a pale pink solution of manganese at room temperature. To heat water is not necessary, since warm liquid is rapidly absorbed in the intestine, which is not desirable with your condition.
When diarrhea should drink one of the absorbent of drugs, i.e. the drug, which is linked to products of harmful bacteria and removes them from the body, thereby not allowing the toxins to be absorbed into the bloodstream and cause more harm to the body. The adsorbents include activated carbon. Dose of taking it is calculated by 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight. To drink the required amount of pills you need simultaneously. Repeat medication can in 6 hours.

Another cure for diarrhea with the adsorbing action of the powder Drug. Its base consists of purified white clay, which absorbs all the toxic substances. Drug promotes the formation of mucus, which increases the protection of the intestinal wall from acid secreted by microbes, that is, prevents inflammation of the digestive tract. The drug should be consumed 1 packet, dissolved in a glass of water. Do not use a day more than 3 packs because this medication can lead to constipation.

"Enterosgel" - a relatively new drug for the treatment of diarrhoea, which has pronounced sorption and detoxifying action. It can be used without age restrictions.
Diarrhea caused by infection, be sure to follow the five-day course of antibiotics that affect the pathogens. Such drugs belong to the "Levomitsetin", "Ftalazol", "Antiban".
During diarrhoea the body loses a lot of fluid and important minerals, so it is necessary to normalize the water-salt balance. When diarrhea is recommended to drink the solution prepared from powder "Regidron" or "Gidrovit". Remember that the amount of liquid at intestinal disorder shall be not less than 300 ml per hour.
If diarrhea have appeared after a long treatment by antibacterial drugs, it is a sign of dysbiosis. In this case, you can help drugs that restore the natural intestinal flora – "Linex", "Baktisubtil", "Probifor" and others. These drugs are chosen by the physician after the study of your flora and for relatively long course.