In order to have a Yandex-purse, go to the website page to Open an account in Yandex.The money."
Get to the authorization page where you enter your login and password from the mailbox on Yandex. If we have no such mailbox are logged in the system and starts it.
On the next page, enter two times the payment password. To do this, use Latin letters and some special characters. It is advisable to come up with a long password and write it separately. The longer and more complex the passphrase, the more reliability Yandex purse.
In the "recovery Code" enter the set of numbers that will help in the event of loss payment password to reset it and come up with a new one.
For greater security, and bind operations of the purse to the SMS-notification in the input field designed a mobile phone number in international format. International calling code for Russia is + 7, after it without a space indicate 10 digits in a phone number.
Confirm the entered data and create a Yandex-purse, by clicking on the appropriate button under the registration form. Yandex purse created.
After some time on the phone will receive SMS with the following content from YandexMoney: "confirmation Code: NNNN. Do not share, enter on the website". NNNN is four numbers, which we enter by clicking on the page link: "Confirm code" in the "device link". On the next page enter the code and press the button "Confirm binding".
At the top click the link "Money" and get to the previous page of Yandex-purse. On the left we see the balance of our account – after registration he is $ 0. and 14-digit account number.
By clicking below on the link "Get to work", we get to the main page of Yandex purse, which will now see each time you log in to the system "Yandex. Money."