You will need
  • computer or phone with Internet access;
  • - payment terminal.
To open such a purse , you can use the phone or computer connected to the Internet and payment terminal. To get the QIWIwallet via Internet, click on the link and fill out there form.
In the top field enter your mobile number and the lower characters shown in the figure. Then read the terms and conditions of the offer on the use of the payment service and if you are satisfied, click on "Register". If after that the specified phone number will receive a message with the password check is successful.
To get established in a wallet, enter the phone number and received password into the fields labeled "Login" and then click on the button "Login". Then you are in the system and can perform all necessary operations.
Deciding to open a QIWIwallet using a payment terminal, click on his screen a tab and enter the form number of your mobile phone. On it for a few minutes it will be sent a code that you will specify in the box that appears. After performing these steps, you register your wallet and enter it.
To perform any payment action with QIWI is possible only with a positive balance. To replenish it, log in to your wallet using any payment terminal and follow the prompts to Fund your account to the required amount.
Select among the list of offered payment services those that you need. Click on them, type the information requested and list the payment from your wallet. Also you can transfer money to a Bank card, to buy tickets for different events or to easily repay the loan from the comfort of home.