Advice 1: How to recover the password Yandex disk

To recover the password Yandex Disk in three ways: by phone, via e-mail or correctly answering a security question. But first we need to check if everything is OK with cookies.
How to recover the password Yandex disk

Scan cookies

Before you can recover the password to your Yandex Disk, you should make sure that the password was entered incorrectly. As a rule, if a wrong input of your username or password this message appears "the Wrong pair of login and password. Login failed." Perhaps incorrectly entered the username, not the password. For this you need to check whether the desired keyboard layout is not included if the Caps Lock key and the correct name of your login (or email) you enter. It is also necessary to check and when entering the password.

Also the reason for the failed authorization may be incorrect setting of cookies in your browser. Cookies are text files where the browser saves the data received from the server. When browsing to various websites, the server can read the information that is in cookies. Because of the fact that cookies are correctly stored information, and can cause problems with authorization on Yandex Disk. So you need these files to delete.

Popular browsers are many, but let's take for example Google Chrome. So, to delete your cookies in this browser, you press the button in the upper right corner of the browser (the icon with three horizontal lines). In the appeared menu, select "Delete browsing data". In a new window "clear history" to select from a list the period for which you want to delete – for example, "For all time". Then you need to tick "Clear cookies and other data..." and make sure the rest of the tick removed. After pressing the button "Clear history" will be clearing cookies, and you can try again to log in to Yandex Disk.

Password recovery

If you go to your account Yandex is still not obtained, we can proceed to password recovery. To do this, go to the special page for password recovery. Then you will need to enter your username or e-mail right to recruit the characters from the image and click "Next." The password recovery method depends on what information was provided at registration and on the page "Personal information".

If you have previously set your security question after a correct answer by email will receive an email with a link which you can use to set a new password. If you specify an additional address, then the email to reset your password will be sent to this e-mail. In case when registration was specified and confirmed mobile phone number, you will receive an sms-message with the new password.

Advice 2: How to recover deleted SMS messages

Many faced with this situation, when wanting to delete a single message in the phone, mistakenly deleted all the SMS. It is especially annoying if you accidentally deleted the message contained any important information. In this case, it does not hurt to know how to recover the lost phone message.
How to recover deleted SMS messages

What to do if deleted important messages

Recover deleted TEXTS is quite simple, if there is a special folder "Deleted messages" and the unit was not disconnected from the moment that information was erased. You just need to open the folder and create a request for the return deleted messages. If such functions are absent in the phone, you can do a little differently.

To recover the lost information, you need the following items:


- card reader or USB cable;


- special programs.

First download the data recovery program, for example, you can use the free program Recuva. Using the cable connect the phone to the computer, or place the SIM card into the card reader and try to log in to the computer through it. Now find the window "Restore data". As soon as you open it up, the information deleted from the phone will appear on the monitor.

However, it is worth remembering that you can only recover recently erased information and only in case if the phone has not been reboot and do not shut off. If the cache memory device have been cleaned, restore SMS you will not succeed.

Can I restore messages on Android

If you need to restore messages on Android, install software SMS Backup & Restore which saves the files and if necessary restores them, even if the information has already been removed. This program protects against loss of important data.

How else can you recover messages

When you choose a service provider, try to learn about what the list of services it offers customers. For example "MegaFon" offers to restore SMS. Access to such services is only the owner of the SIM card. If you use a SIM card registered to another person, this method will not help you. So before you delete messages, think about whether those SMS you want to destroy. Do not rush to press the "OK" button, make sure you are doing everything right.

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