Access account management and authorization in Webmoney is carried out through the so-called keepers and software applications running on the user side. There are three versions of Webmoney Keeper program, each of which has its own functionality, and therefore their system password change.
The application Webmoney Keeper Mini, which allows to control the profile in browser mode, to change the password, go to the settings page by clicking on one of the two blue buttons located in the upper left part of the main page Keeper. In the opened window you should find a group of settings called "Security" and click on the link "change" located to the right of "Password". In the window that appears you must enter the old password, new password and repeat it in the "Confirm" and then click "OK".
Webmoney Keeper Classic is a separate program that runs in the Windows family of operating systems. To enter the program must have a key file, the code to access it and the login password. The latter can be easily changed in the settings menu of the program itself. To enter this menu by clicking on main menu item "Tools" and selecting from the drop down list select "program Settings". In the opened window, go to the "Security" tab, then click on the "Change password...". In the new window enter the old password, new desired password that you want to duplicate in the field "Confirmation", then click "Yes". If the operation was successful, a dialog will be shown with notice. It is important to know that if the authentication of Webmoney Keeper Classic through the service E-NUM, the uploaded key file is no longer relevant, and should therefore be downloaded again with the new password to log in.
When working with the program Webmoney Keeper Light is a procedure for changing a password is quite simple. To access change password you need to log in using the service E-NUM, the digital X. 509 certificate, or authorization confirmation via SMS. After you enter the program you must select main menu item "Settings" and in the drop down menu click on "Settings", then go to the "Security" tab. In the opened window, click on the button "Change password" blue. In the pop-up window requires you to enter a new password and its confirmation, and if the authorization was carried out without confirmation by SMS to specify the current password in the appropriate field. When performed correctly the procedure of changing the password you should see the notification "the Operation completed successfully" in the lower right corner of the program window.