Unplug the vacuum headlight vacuum hose. To check the ignition timing, must be connected to the terminal "plus" battery clamp "plus" strobe. To 'minus' of the battery connect the clamp minus the strobe.
Remove high voltage wire from the slot of the first cylinder of the lid sensor-distributor. Sensor strobe paste in its place and connect it to the high-voltage wire. From the hatch of the clutch housing, remove the rubber plug. Start the engine, install it, according to the tachometer, the engine speed in the range of 820-900 rpm.
Light flashing strobe direct flow into the hatch of the clutch housing. The mark on the flywheel and a flashing light will appear to be stationary. If the ignition timing is set correctly, it will be between the middle and the previous bars. If not, adjust the ignition timing.
Loosen slightly the nuts securing the sensor rail. To increase the ignition timing, rotate the sensor housing of the dispenser clockwise (mark "plus" on the flange of the housing to the ledge on the housing of the actuator). Note that one division on the flange corresponds to 8 degrees of rotation of the crankshaft. To decrease the angle, turn the body of the sensor dispenser counterclockwise (mark "minus" to a ledge on the body).
Turn the engine off. Remove the cap from the spark of the first cylinder. Remove the glow plug. Install the piston in the upper dead point. To do this, insert a long screwdriver into the plug hole and turn the crankshaft manually stop it in the moment when she stops and starts to fall. Remove the rubber cover of the clutch housing. At this point, the average risk on the flywheel should be located directly in front of the cutout on the scale.
Open the cover of the sensor dispenser and, using her fingers to remove the gaps, align the single line mark and rotary lobe stator. Secure the sensor in the distributor. Check the setting of the plugs on a warm engine at a speed of 60 km/h on a flat road. This sharply press the accelerator. If will feel a temporary detonation, which quickly passes, the ignition timing is set correctly.